3 Best Benefits Of Upgrading To Content Intelligence

3 Best Benefits Of Upgrading To Content Intelligence
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If you are a tech-savvy marketer, then artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing is not new to you. You are already using them, even if you are not aware of the specifics. So, here’s something more for that list – content intelligence.

So, what’s the difference between AI and content intelligence?

  • AI is an artificially made intelligent technology that mimics human intelligence with the help of machines and software.
  • Content intelligence is a subset of AI that utilizes machine learning, algorithms, data analysis, etc., for analyzing content used for publishing.

For B2B marketers, who use AI for marketing purposes, selecting the content to be sent is easier than without AI. Content intelligence actually enhances that capability. This intelligence method selects the content for each type of lead and the content that are suitable for them.

Let’s explore more on how content intelligence can upgrade your content strategies.

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The Process

As part of AI, content intelligence uses the procedures of AI and data analysis to select the content best suited for your business. It helps provide insights based on the data and provides the information you need. Just like AI, it also follows a three-step process for providing results.

  1. Data collection – Gathers information from first-party, second-party, or third-party data sources, CRM, surveys, social media statistics, or other business sources that are permitted by the firm.
  2. Data analysis – Data is analyzed based on categories, age, position, the importance of a person in business, behaviors, buying habits, searches, or correlations. Different types of metrics are utilized based on the metrics and the requirements.
  3. Data insights – Once the data is assimilated into information under each category, insights can be provided by the system to the various business teams. The content intelligence system can handle the various types of content that are produced with great efficiency.

Three Benefits Of Content Intelligence

Here are three benefits of content intelligence that you can easily adapt and gain from your business.


Content intelligence gives you the perfect data and information to understand your customers better. With the help of demographics, interaction history, preferences, browsing behaviors, and interests, you can map an effective content strategy for your business requirements.

You will be able to create content that is suited to your lead database, boosting your brand reputation and overall customer experience.


Understanding the buyer journey is important in any strategy related to content marketing. The adage of business intelligence in the target audience analysis part gives you the opportunity to understand this timeline. Content intelligence-enhanced content can be inserted into various relevant timelines of a buyer’s journey by analyzing such data. It also ensures that you can guide the initial leads through marketing or sales, while also engaging the current customers simultaneously.

Content Upgrade

The involvement of intelligence solutions in content can take your content quality and strategies to the next level. It takes up the task of content analysis and selection for your marketers. Such curated content will be used based on each individual’s interests.

This process helps in improving the existing content to a great extent. Today, customers prefer personalized content to the traditional format of content. You can personalize each piece of content that is sent to your leads, prospects, or customers based on their own information, interests, and preferences.

Wrapping Up

Unlike traditional solutions, content intelligence technology is not a one-time use solution. It is a real-time processor that is always collecting data from various sources online. The constant updates and improvements keep on coming as more data is processed advanced content intelligence systems can optimize your marketing content and gain you maximum ROIs from it.

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