9 Benefits of Microsoft PowerApps

9 Benefits of Microsoft PowerApps
Empower business development with powerful business applications from Microsoft PowerApps. Your benefits - solve challenges, be mobile, low cost, integration, security, speed, and storage.
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Microsoft’s applications do not require introductions, but Microsoft PowerApps does.


In simple words – because it helps you grow your business.

Microsoft PowerApps is a set of tools that provide multiple platforms for actions that can help businesses. In other words, it is a low-code development platform that helps you create, monitor, or analyze any applications for business needs. Linked with various connectors, apps, services, and data platforms, Microsoft PowerApps is a comprehensive solution provider.

Let’s learn more about the nine benefits PowerApps bring to your business.

#1. Solve Challenges

Developing simple applications on the go is difficult for any business without the proper developer teams. PowerApps can solve this issue. 

The easy-to-use development tools associated with the platform allow even a non-IT staff to develop apps that suit the requirement. With a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates, any app development can be done in hours, saving time and money.

#2. Mobile Access

Microsoft PowerApps is designed to be access-friendly to all devices – be it mobile, tablet, or desktop. Achieve the same user experience across multiple devices, while leveraging the smart mobile functions like interaction, capturing photos or video, or gaining signatures.

#3. Uninterrupted Development

Creating applications that go public is a difficult task considering the consultations, designs, planning, team selection, project management, etc.

Power Apps enables you to forgo such tedious tasks by directly being able to develop with examples and pre-built templates. This ‘no coding’ platform gets you started easily, and all you have to do is select the content, appearance, color combinations, or data connections.

#4. Cost Efficiency

One of the benefits of Microsoft PowerApps is the low cost for activation and utilization. Starting from $10, most of the applications can be accessed for under $50. The low cost can save a lot in terms of expenses, while you also gain access to a plethora of Microsoft applications.

#5. Integrate Microsoft Tools

Another obvious benefit of PowerApps is the integration of Microsoft tools with the platforms that you use. Leverage data from Office Suit, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, etc. to make your applications strong, innovative, and efficient. 

#6. Security

Custom-built apps through PowerApps are secured with the top-of-the-line security measures by Microsoft. By leveraging the Microsoft Dataverse, which uses a role-based security model, business users can set restrictions on user access, data references, or sharing.

#7. Speed

When it comes to application development, speed of the support and time for development matters, especially for businesses. The drag-and-drop feature of the development apps makes multiple complicated steps simple. Develop interfaces easily in less time and just link the data sources, and voilà – the app is ready.

#8. Data Storage

As a Microsoft product, PowerApps are connected to multiple storage devices or platforms through the internet. Be it cloud or server, data storage is not much of a constraint with the availability of multiple OOTB (Out-Of-The-Box) connectors.

#9. Easy Standard Connectors

Non-IT developers’ major concern when it comes to app development is data connections. Knowledge of SQL queries can be helpful, but Microsoft PowerApps help them with some standard data storage services. The platform provides additional drag-and-drop options for data connectors to be set for the developing application.

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