How Semi Truck GPS Tech Helps Drivers?

How Semi Truck GPS Tech Helps Drivers
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Transport and logistics companies keep advancing with more trucks, semi trucks, and advanced trucking technologies in time. One of the core techs that support that growth is semi truck GPS technology. It helps them keep track of the routes and efficiently plan deliveries. Apart from that, this tech also helps truckers maintain vigilance on the road, helping them avoid accidents.

Long-haul driving is always a challenge for truck drivers. Semi truck GPS technology plays an important role in safety. So, how do they do it?

  • Avoid low bridges
  • Warn risky maneuvers
  • Provide alerts and advance warnings
  • Minimize distractions

Let’s learn more about these features.

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Avoid low bridges

For any trucks that travel many times across the states, bridges are challenging. For trucks with a full load, low-hanging bridges are a threat. The modern semi truck GPS systems help the drivers to identify such bridges en route. The routing methods for commercial GPS include many such features. This system may not be present in consumer-grade GPS tracking systems. It helps the drivers avoid low bridges depending the size, load, and dimensions of the truck.

Warn risky maneuvers

Heavily loaded trucks require greater concentration to drive and alert. A slight deviation or error in judgment can cause serious accidents that can even cause loss of life. From sudden turns to wrong identification of proper truck exits the list of risky maneuvers is long. An effective commercial GPS navigation system takes into account the truck’s load, dimensions, possible turn angles, traffic conditions, truck exits, road conditions, and much more to calculate the risks of maneuvers. It helps the driver take better decisions and drive safely.

Provide alerts and advanced warnings

Any sort of advanced route planning for truckers can become obsolete in real time due to unforeseen conditions. It can be accidents, natural disasters, weather changes, road damage, etc. Even traffic jams can cause serious vulnerabilities to trucks that are going at average speed. Modern semi truck GPS systems help drivers keep track of the traffic and road conditions ahead of them. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, satnav, etc can analyze such cases. This technology can constantly provide alerts and advanced warnings to the truck driver. While drivers may not be able to avoid accidents even with alerts, it’ll help them avoid making major mistakes by 99 percent.

Minimize distractions

Driver distraction is one of the major concerns that can lead to accidents among truck drivers. No matter how proficient the driver is, once distracted, it can be disastrous for the driver, the company, and nearby people. Modern GPS systems help drivers navigate with minimum distractions while driving. The user interface is designed in such a way for these trucks minimize distractions to the drivers. Some warnings are set at a low voice deliberately too.

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