Where To Automate Customer Service In Ecommerce

Where To Automate Customer Service In Ecommerce
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Customer service is the backbone of any eCommerce platform or business. The number of tasks handled by this department can be overwhelming at times. The best solution – is automation. Automated customer service helps provide instant answers that customers in the eCommerce industry expect. Automation is a lifesaver for customer service executives who may not always be available.

Automation and chatbots save up to 30 percent on costs by reducing the number of support tickets processed by agents. Automated customer service has other usages besides being the first point of contact for the eCommerce platform.

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Top 6 Ways To Automate Customer Service In eCommerce

Let’s explore a few solutions where automation can help customer service executives.

  1. Customer self-service
  2. Quick response
  3. Speed up support
  4. Task divisions
  5. Simplify workflow
  6. Post-purchase Automation

Customer Self-service

When customers find an issue, they need to find a solution. Where else they will go other than the eCommerce platform? Attending to all the customer queries can be tedious. AI-enabled or automated emails or chatbots can help the customer service executives here. It allows the customers to self-service and gains the answers by themselves. Human executives need only step in if there are issues that need human help.

Quick Response

What’s the biggest difference between getting an answer from a machine and a human customer service executive? Response time. Ecommerce platforms are constantly loaded with customer queries. It may not be possible to reply to all of them within seconds. An automated response system can cover the eCommerce platform here. Chatbots or messaging systems can create rule-based replies to queries from conversations with clients.

Speed Up Support

Customers of the present generation hate waiting for replies the most. Automation can help speed up the whole process for eCommerce platforms. FAQs can be clubbed together and assigned to chatbots and automatic email systems. The programmed support system can utilize personalized replies to answer questions, queries, and much more.

Task Divisions

Ecommerce platforms are divided into multiple categories. Each section is handled by a certain team or people. Automated customer service programs can automatically divide the tasks according to the incoming queries and requirements. Algorithms are programmed to set business rules for customers, directing them to the right department to solve issues faster.

Simplify Workflows

By leveraging automation, customer support can help to simplify the workflow for eCommerce platforms. It can integrate multiple platforms that cover telecalls, emailing systems, payment, logistics, delivery, and much more. It also helps the different teams within the organization to communicate effectively.

Post-purchase Automation

Post-purchase automaton comes into play once the customer makes the purchase. It’s linked to emailing, payment, logistics, delivery, and much more. It can also send the customers notifications for sales or offers and help retain customers later. Sales and marketing teams can utilize post-purchase automation to personalize the pitching to the customer’s taste.

If you want to automate customer service for your eCommerce platform, there are many other ways to do it. Ensure that it can help your business and customers.

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