ADM Market Insight: Leveraging Shift-Left Testing in Performance Engineering

ADM Market Insight: Leveraging Shift-Left Testing in Performance Engineering

Many firms struggle to maintain high standards of customer service to deliver software on time. Also, during the software development lifecycle (SDLC) performance testing phase, there are frequent communication bottlenecks between testers and developers.

To address this, you must consider implementing shift-left testing, but it requires significant organizational and technological adjustments.

This eBook explores shift-left testing and SDLC application in performance engineering, covering:

· Significance of shift-left testing in expediting software delivery

· Challenges and solutions in its implementation

· Utilizing technology to streamline shift-left testing

· Real-world success stories from organizations

Read this eBook to unlock the potential of shift-left testing and SDLC optimization for accelerated software delivery and heightened customer satisfaction.

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